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Activated Breathing

Activated Breathing

This is a special controlled breathing technique for peak performance, mental clarity, healthy living and increasing your will power and energy.  It involves different breathing patterns from slow and calming to rapid and stimulating. The exhalation is interrupted three times and at different levels of the body for a short period of pause.  The pause at three different levels creates magic. The pause is a powerful technique to evoke a relaxation response and at different pauses, we are aware that the mind is in a very calm and balanced state that can rejuvenate and heal. The pause is important for reducing the mental chatter and producing instant peace of mind. These interrupted pauses also teach us how to respond to difficult situations by letting go in a controlled way with full conscious control without automatically reacting.  It helps increase our power of concentration, power of mental control and power of responsiveness in different situations and environments, preparing our body and mind for peak performance. We are consciously cultivating breath control and awareness. Making this breathing a daily routine and practicing it actively, you can gain control over a range of physiological processes in the body.

Activated Breathing makes healing possible on all levels. It’s not religion-based but spiritual to connected deeper within and activates the self-awareness

Growing up I was always confused and had trouble focusing on tasks (now that l look back l am sure it was ADHD, but in India, at that time no one got tested, plus no parent wanted a label on their child. “You just needed to concentrate, work hard and focus more” my elders would suggest).  It was really hard to excel forward when I didn’t have a clear path. It’s like  I wanted everything but I was not actually sure what I really wanted to do or what would make me happy. I would do naughty terrible things to get attention and get beaten up by family members, it was a small price to pay to get attention.

 I went through various mood swings, gut health issues, addiction, stress, depression, sleep disorder, failures, confusion and negativity. Everything together started to take a toll on my mental and physical health. I remember coming back from a week-long school trip where I took too many sleeping pills and I ended up in the hospital.  After that incident no one wanted their kids to hang out with me, I was an outcast and inturn felt completely alone..  I had anxiety over little things and stressed over nothing,  now that I have the opportunity to look back and reflect. I suffered from a variety of conditions including anxiety disorder and personality disorders. Plus l had severe mood swings,   brain fog,  and lacked confidence.

This breathing sequence changed my life! It gave me hope, peace and mental resilience.

It reinvented me as MR ACTIVATED!

 It can do the same for you. It’s just  20 minutes a day , and it can awaken your super powers that we are all born with but loose overtime in the game of life. It can make your body and mind resilient and strong. 

Are you ready to be activated with Mr Activated?

Breathing Technique

The Activated Breathing technique consists of 45 cycles (30 slow & calming  and 15 fast & stimulating ) of conscious controlled breathing with no pauses between each inhale and exhale to create energy flow in the body.  Every breath starts from the expansion of the belly, then ribs followed by the chest all the way to your head.  All the inhale and exhales needs to be deep, rhythmic and smooth without any force.  The exhales are relaxed and the idea is not to fully exhale after each time, it’s to breathe in more oxygen than breathe out. It’s important to understand during the hold phase, exhalation is interrupted and we are holding the breath in three different parts of our body. 

After completing the 45 cycles you are going to take a breath fully in and fully out, then again fully in and hold the breath with your head tilted upwards for as long as possible with no air in your lungs. After at least 30 sec exhale for a few seconds and hold your breath around the heart area for another 30 sec. After 30 sec you are going to exhale fully and hold your breath around the navel area for as long as possible. Resist the first urge to breathe as co2 continues to build up signaling your brain that you need to breathe. Continue holding until you can’t anymore, then take a deep recovery breath and hold it for 20 more sec with your head tilted upwards while squeezing your forehead. Finally, release your breath and repeat the whole breathing process a few times. 


The 45 cycle of breathing creates deep bliss states with tingly sensations due to the release of endocannabinoids and opiates. The change in breathing pattern from slow and calming to rapid and stimulating makes our body more adaptable to stress. The tissues are oxygen deficient during breath hold and then are flooded with oxygen. The whole body is put through this short stress cycle as we learn the power of controlling our physiological responses.  Recent scientific studies of the Wim Hof method confirm that this physiological response occurs after the completion of the breathing phase of the method. This Activated breathing is based on Bhastrika followed by Rechaka, which means holding the breathing on expiration after many cycles of energy breathing.

This breathing is similar to contrast therapy where you breathing in and out, then holding the breath causing your body to be hot and cold again. Idea is to force the body into high stress (sympathetic) and then a state of relaxation (parasympathetic)  causing various physiological changes to happen. Carbon dioxide and Oxygen levels rise and fall making the body more adaptable and flexible to different physiological changes. We learn to consciously control various physiological changes and our autonomous nervous system.

It’s consciously influencing the carbon dioxide and oxygen balance. So pretty much all carbon dioxide is exhaled as a cleansing process and the supply of oxygen is increased due to which chemoreceptors (cells that are responsible for alerting us to breathe) relax and need to breathe response is delayed for some time.

This leads to the excitation of the central nervous system. There are plenty of stressors that will activate longevity genes without damaging cells which are called Hormesis which is generally good when it can be induced without causing any lasting damage, Our bodies are great to be in high elevated stressed state only for a short burst.  These stressors are great as it allows the rest of the system to conserve and survive little longer which is great for longevity.

Mr Activated breathing method puts the body in such a state where we are consciously making this happen as causing conscious stress which is different to stress happening to you.

If we take a moment to talk about our cells, inside our cells are mitochondria, which are referred to as the powerhouse of the cell responsible for making energy. They create energy from food, combine it with oxygen and make ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP stores the energy required to fuel cellular processes, which I call it life energy. 

This breathing influences the ratio between O2 to CO2 in the blood. The body becomes fully charged after the initial breathing cycle as the CO2 level decreases significantly. Oxygen levels go up which leads to a significant increase in breath hold time. The initial cycle creates alkalosis by making the blood more alkaline and because of this, our ATP is produced more efficiently. 

Please note, this is a very brief summary as it’s an intricate system for maintaining the correct pH balance.  

When you breathe more CO2 out than normal, you start feeling a tingling sensation. When the breath holding phase starts, the body goes into intermittent hypoxia. The brain responds by signaling the body to go in survival mode as oxygen levels are lower than normal by initiating a positive stress response. Therefore, a cascade of various hormones are released, especially adrenaline, dopamine and norepinephrine. Blood vessels dilate, especially in the brain and heart where it requires more oxygen as your body thinks it’s running out of O2. Then the final recovery inhale and breath hold for 20 sec gives a new surge of oxygen to the brain. This gives more feel good hormones and flushing of the effect of fresh blood being sent to all the organs. 

The burst of adrenaline gives energy and release special immune cells programmed for healing and fighting infections. The huge spike in cortisol with this breathing can suppress inflammatory immune responses.


  • Always do this breathing on an empty stomach
  • Set your intention before you start breathing. 
  • Acknowledge yourself to have the courage to do this deep inner work and self-acceptance
  • Let your body take over and find its own rhythm
  • Surrender yourself with every breath
  • Listen to your body, don’t overdo it. It’s about a great experience not winning a competition. 
  • Do not force yourself but instead enjoy the experience



  • I do not recommend doing this breathing practice in water or prior to going into the water  as it can cause underwater blackout or drowning.
  • Always practice this breathing in a safe environment as some people do faint.
  • Pools, lakes or while driving are not safe environments.
  • Make sure you don’t do this breathing if you are pregnant, have glaucoma, or have epilepsy you cannot practice this breathing.
  • If you have any major heart or other health conditions we recommend consulting your doctor before you start practicing.

Benefits of Mr Activated Breathing Method

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
     Endorphins are released when we practice breathing which helps in elevating our mood. Oxygenation of the brain increases circulation, relieves stress and enhances relaxation by stimulating the vagus nerve.
  • Detoxifies and Releases Toxins
    Due to increased oxygenation, the toxins are flushed as this breathing facilitates the movement of
    lymph through the bloodstream and dramatically increases the elimination of toxins.<
  • Improves emotional wellbeing
    These breathing releases endorphins, clears the mind instantly of all disturbances and lifts the mood. These interrupted pauses teach us how to respond to difficult situations and provide more emotional stability.
  • Improves sleep
    With each breath, we replenish and renew what was depleted with fresh oxygen. Our body relaxes and becomes calmer for sleeping.
  • Increases endurance
    This breathing Increases oxygen in the cells, which in turn slows down the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and overall improves blood circulation for more energy and stamina.
  • Increases clarity, focus, attention and productivity
    This breathing affects levels of noradrenaline, a natural brain chemical messenger which enhances your attention to detail and improves overall brain health by promoting the growth of new neural connections.
  • Increases pain management
    Through this breathing, we learn to have full conscious control that allows us to increase circulation to that specific area, relieves tension thereby lessening pain and increases overall oxygenation.
  • Helps with Weight loss
    Oxygen is the fuel to burn fat more efficiently to offer ideal weight and improve overall metabolism.
  • Improves self-awareness
    Breathing consciously and focusing on your breath as it comes in and out including breath holds helps with developing self-awareness.
  • Increases energy and performance
    This breathing clears your mind and it’s like a cup of instant coffee that gives you a quick boost and long-lasting performance.
  • Increases libido
    This breathing decreases inner stress, balances the nervous system, helps with hormonal balance and increases circulation to private parts of your body which helps in increased libido.
  • Reduces headaches and migraines
    This breathing is deep which activation response in our body plus it helps get more oxygen to our cells and brain that can help with headaches.
  • Increases immunity
    This breathing helps our immunity by decreasing cortisol levels, improving arterial blood flow, increasing white blood cells and improving our autonomic nervous system response. It also allows in changing of the gene expressions of certain immune cells.
  • Massages the Internal Organs
    It massages the internal organs like the stomach, pancreas, liver that helps in better digestion, detoxification.
  • Reduce inflammation and increase alkalinity
    Excess inflammation can lead to a variety of health-related problems that can negatively impact our nervous system and immune system.  This breathing can help make the body more alkaline and reduce the inflammatory response.
  • Helps lungs become stronger and more elastic
    It brings efficiency in the gas exchange as oxygen-carrying capacity of blood increases and the heart becomes more efficient in delivering oxygen to tissues
  •  Improves the Nervous System
    The brain and nervous system receive better oxygenation and blood flow.
  • Help manage addictions
    This breathing involves interrupted pauses during exhalation. These interrupted pauses teach us how to respond to difficult situations by letting go in a controlled way with full conscious control without automatically reacting.  This helps people curb cravings when dealing with addiction.
  • Anti-oxidant effect
    It reduces significantly amount of dangerous free radicals and increases health-promoting antioxidants.
  •  Improves Cellular Regeneration
    With this breathing our body is better oxygenated and has better circulation which enhances the body’s efforts of cellular regeneration.

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