10 Most Important Human Values

Our values are important because they help us to grow, develop. And they help us to create the future we want. 

1. Health and Energy

  • Your health is the most important value. Without physical health, it is very difficult to experience and enjoy life.  Inturn, good health gives you energy.

2. Love

  • Making love a priority in your life means there is no room for hate or indifference. You can experience love for the simple things in life, not just for people, like the flowers, the trees, your home.

3. Gratitude and Appreciation

  • Real gratitude shuts down all other negative emotions in the moment. If it is important for you to feel good, make gratitude a priority of your life. This will give you so much power if you write a gratitude journal every day.

4. Kindness and compassion 

  • The world can be a better place if we show more kindness and compassion to others and it feels good to be kind!

5. Integrity

  • Integrity is a very important value too and one these days that l feel many people have lost..

6. Giving 

  • As humans we are built to give. Not just give money but give ourselves to those who are in need by volunteering for the people in need. 

7. Growth 

  • Growth as an  individual comes from experience, learning, failures, achievements and intention. It is about becoming the greatest version of yourself. Not just for yourself, but for others.

8. Peace 

  • The ability to maintain mental calmness in all situations is of great value. When we feel peaceful within ourselves we will naturally feel peaceful towards others.

9. Family, Friendship and Connection

  • It is important to care about someone more than just yourself. It’s putting others first. It’s making time for people you care about. Bringing your best self to every encounter, so the other person walks away with a smile.

10. Happiness

  • When times stop and you love what you are doing, it is considered real happiness for what u are experiencing . It’s within to feel this way and it’s our choice. It’s always available and never on sale, but only you can choose to be really happy.

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