24 Hours Fasting Can Boosts Stem Cell Regeneration

Just 24 hours of calorie restriction flicks a metabolic switch that can boost the regeneration of stem cells in the gut.

The intestinal stem cells fail to regenerate effectively when we get older. It also helps us to maintain healthy tissue and fight off disease.

As per MIT biologist Omer Yilmaz, “Fasting has many effects in the intestine, which include boosting regeneration as well as potential uses in any type of ailment that impinges on the intestine, such as infections or cancers,”

Intestinal stem cells usually renew intestinal lining in about five days. If the metabolic switch is activated, it is possible that this renewal could be fast.

MIT biologist Omer Yilmaz and his team made an experiment on mice by removing their intestinal stem cells of the mice that had fasted for 24 hours. He grew them in culture to grow masses of cells called organoids, a kind of organ-like ‘mini intestine’. While doing it, they saw the regenerative capacity of the stem cells from fasting mice was double that of regular mice that hadn’t fasted.

Fasting has a really immense effect on the ability of intestinal glands to form more organoids. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR), turns on genes involved in metabolising fatty acids. The activation induced the cells to break down fatty acids, while simultaneously boosting the ability of the cells to regenerate themselves. When the PPAR activation is blocked, the regeneration boost ends.



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