5 Lessons We MUST LEARN in Hard Times

If you’ve fallen on hard times, you’re experiencing a period of great difficulty. It can also refer to challenging circumstances more generally, like with personal or health struggles.

1. Self-work works

  • Self-work is any action you take towards self-improvement. It doesn’t guarantee negative things won’t happen to you. But it ensures your response to those negative events will be far better than those who have not done the work.

2. Some things (and some people) just aren’t that important

  • Hard times can be a blessing in so many ways. One of those is noticing the things that we gave too much space in our minds and emotions that were never really that important. We notice those who are always there and those who do not. 

3. Some things (and some people) are that important

  • Keep quiet for a moment and ask yourself some questions and trust your answers. Maybe you need to tell those people they are important to you, that you are thankful for them. Maybe you need to lock in those things that are important and replace those that are not important.

4. Some things may change

  • During the hardest of times we all know that some things may change. Nothing will change long term, unless you change the things that need to be altered to achieve a different outcome.

5. This too shall pass

  • It’s hard when you’re going through stress, but if you think back over your life, and the lives of others, you know that everything will pass. Good times don’t last forever and neither do hard times.

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