5 Secret Advantages of Being Silent

Experts say that being quiet is not the same as being shy or alone. Nicholas Christenfield a psychology professor at University of California, San Diego says that unlike shy people, quiet people are very sociable, and often have lots of friends. They don’t stay quiet because they’re afraid to speak up. They just don’t want to waste time saying anything that isn’t worth saying. Since talk encourages more talk, they choose to stay silent, instead of having meaningless conversations.

1. You appear more powerful.

  • Being quiet can be powerful. When you’re silent, other people may feel uncomfortable. They often feel compelled to fill the silence, so they reveal more about themselves. When a quiet person speaks, it can be a well-thought-out, high-quality comment or opinion. So, you’d be smart to listen more.

2. You will learn to read people.

  • Being silent is another way of observing other people. This may allow you to know if that person is telling the truth or not by his/her body language and also by the way he/she speaks,

3. Once words are out, you can’t take them back.

  • Choose silence instead of blurting out ‘in-the-moment’ feelings that are hurtful and not really how you feel in the grand scheme of things. When you feel the urge to say an unkind thing, take a few breaths and think of the possible consequences of your words.

4. You will be a great listener and people will love talking to you.

  • Another time when it’s best to stay silent is when someone is sharing a meaningful story. Let the friend or person feel ‘heard’ by your silent nodding and sincere eye contact.

5. Silence is a great negotiation tool.

  • Silence can be your best friend during negotiations. Say something, then close your mouth, and let the other person come to their own conclusions. Your silence shows that you are confident in what you just said, and you respect the other person enough to hear what they have to say.

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