6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy

Good mental health helps you enjoy life and cope with problems. It offers a feeling of well-being and inner strength. 

1. Read as much positive material as you can.

  • Reading literally changes your mind. As your reading ability matures, those networks also get stronger. Brain scans showed throughout the reading period and afterward, brain connectivity increased, especially in somatosensory cortex, the part of the brain that responds to physical sensations like movement and pain.

2. Exercise

  • Physical exercise has a positive benefit on your brain including your mood. It can protect your brain from having Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. When exercising, we make our blood pressure be better controlled which affects more blood supply that goes to the brain. It makes the brain more capable of adjusting the challenges of learning new things. It strengthens the brain connections.

3. Practice Affirmation

  • This can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. It can also help reduce stress. A short affirmation exercise boosted the problem-solving abilities of chronically stressed subjects to the same level as those with low stress.

4. Develop Good Habits

  • Harmful habits are a drain on your mental health. Whether that is procrastinating or having low self-esteem, these repeated actions will impede your ability to achieve down the line.

5. Eat Healthy Foods

  • You can keep your mind sharp and reduce the risk of serious memory impairments by concentrating on what you eat. Your diet, along with a few other lifestyle factors, can shape the way your brain functions and improve cognitive thinking skills, like your ability to learn something new, absorb important details, problem solve, complete complex tasks, and think critically.

6. Set Goals with Deadlines

  • Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future and a motivation for yourself to turn your vision into reality. No matter where you are on your mental health journey, working towards a specific goal can help you live the life you want while managing your mental illness.

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