7 Principles To Live By For A Successful, Happy Life

Success is no accident. Living a great life will not come by luck or chance. It won’t fall from the sky. There’s no magic wand. There’s no quick fix. If you commit to doing the things successful people do, you will lead a life of success and happiness. Live by these principles, and you will ensure you live a great life!

1. One day you will be gone

  • Embrace the fact that this life is short, and unpredictable. We must live fully today. Remembering that we are not eternal and we need to focus on what is really important. 

2. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have 

  • You can work towards something as long as it’s possible. Make a plan and learn what needs to be done to live an abundant life.

3. Nothing is worth it if it doesn’t make you happy 

  • If it doesn’t make you happy now while doing it, most likely it is not worth it. Almost anything worth fighting for is going to require a real fight to win. You will have to sacrifice for almost anything worthwhile in this life.

4. Be yourself 

  • The only way you can live a happy life and the only way you can be successful is if you are you. Doing things to please others might end up not having a happy life. 

5. Everything you need is already within you in this world 

  • Things and people will never complete you. You cannot find happiness everywhere or through someone else.. Happiness is a state of mind, it is the highest level of success. Do what feels good, the rest will follow.

6. There’s no room for toxic people

  • Do not let yourself be surrounded by negative people, this may make your life miserable. Focus on living your own happiness. Those who are truly aligned with you will never hold you back from living the life you want to live.

 7. Whatever you focus on, you will find

  • If you search for something, in the end even if it takes a long time, you will find it. Make it your intention to look for the good in your life. Be grateful for what you have. See challenges as opportunities. What you give your attention to will become your experience in life.

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