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Hello Friends!
WOW, who would have thought that we would be sheltering in place, our children learning virtually and keeping our social distance while go to the store and walking around our neighborhood! Everything has changed and l feel the way we do things going forward will also change. Apart from all the negatives, I think we should take time to rediscover true gratitude, love and why we are here on this earth. Below are some points we should all consider during these hard times.  

Higher power and opportunity to make things right

I believe in a higher power. I think that  there is a reason behind everything that happens. To me, this pandemic involving the coronavirus is a sign to the whole human race that we all have to take  time to care for ourselves and mother nature which is sick of everything we are doing to it. This is not the end but an opportunity for all of us to make the right choices going forward. 

We need not to be fearful or panic but to learn and discover new things that you didn’t notice before 

 It’s not the time to be fearful it’s time to believe, learn and discover the whole new world inside ourselves. Use this time as an opportunity to do different things, focus on new things that were ignored before and really pay attention to everything that was avoided due to our lifestyle choices.

Impermanence and a higher human connection with everything

Everything is impermanent and changing.  We cannot bring back the past and we can’t really predict or control the future, but we can definitely choose how to live in the present moment and the actions we take right now. We are not invincible.  These few last weeks have once again shown us that we are all equal, the virus doesn’t differentiate between religion, color, occupation or sex. I always believed in a higher connection between all humans and as we can see the virus can be transmitted to each other. So why not pass love, positivity and gratefulness to each other?

The power of love, appreciation and compassion  – Human to Human

The Coronavirus reminds us we should transmit love, appreciation and compassion from human to human. Not only does it help with us being happy but it also keeps our heart in coherence which brings a tremendous amount of health benefits. 

The power of relationships, gratitude and living in the now!

This virus has reminded us of how important our families are to us. It has also shown us that we have taken a number of things for granted for many years.   We should be grateful for everything in our lives, like the air we breathe, the smell of the flowers, the chirping of the birds, our neighbors, friends, family, gardener, doctors, nurses, postman, toilet paper, our health, running water  and many many more. We always realize the importance of something when we don’t have it.  

Our health is the only asset that really counts

Our health and immune system are very important. Some of us destroy our health to make money and then try to use that money to fix it.  We have time for unlimited gossip, social media but very less time for our body, mind and breath. We are not living in our full capacity  or optimum state due to which our inner powers are dormant and our very existence is at risk of diseases. Each of us have within us a bulletproof defense system waiting to be activated. 

Due to panic, fear, stress, tension, inadequate breathing habits, our lifestyle or depression, we are shattering our natural defence system of the body. Our thoughts, sentiments, emotions, feelings etc all create physiological changes in the body.  Our body has special cells to self heal and defend itself but it needs the right baseline energy to fight against any diseases and help the body heal itself. Due to the imbalances internally, we are left with less baseline energy to protect us from any external attack. 

Increase your immunity


Without the breath we have nothing, as this is what gives us our life. Many people just breathe without consciously thinking about it. But, the way we breathe is the way we live and through our breath we can consciously influence our mind.  Breathing influences every cell of our body. If our breathing is shallow and erratic, our body is full of hormonal imbalances. Shallow breathing does not give us the right amount of oxygen and does not allow for the right amount of toxins to be removed from our body.The toxins build up in the body leading to all sorts of issues which may ]lead  to different types of diseases which inturn affects our overall immunity. Through breathing we can influence our nervous system, transform our mental, emotional and even our physical health. A number of things matter in breathing, such as the rhythm we follow, the number of times we breathe, posture and how much we allow into our body.

Deep breathing has the antioxidant effect by increasing the body’s intrinsic quantities of health promoting antioxidants. It has also been shown to be anti-inflammatory.

Follow any of these breathing patterns to promote healthing.

  • 4:8 – Breathe in for 4 sec (nose , depending on which exercise you are doing)  and breathe out for 8 seconds (mouth).

or try if this sequence works better:

  • 4:7:8:10 – Breathe in 4 sec (nose) – 7 sec hold breath looking upwards – breathe out 8 sec ( nose or mouth- fully exhale) – 10  sec hold breath

or this one:

  • 4:12:8:16 – Breathe in 4 sec (nose) – 12 sec hold breath looking upwards – breathe out 8 sec ( nose or mouth- fully exhale) – 16  sec hold breath


Meditation has been shown to have many benefits for health and performance, including improved immune function, reduced blood pressure and enhanced cognitive function.

During this time of the CoronaVirus we need an efficient immune system, and meditation has been demonstrated to boost your immune system. When you are actually mindfully meditating your body is actually in a state of rest and digest (your parasympathetic nervous system), a state of harmony and this allows your immune system to work efficiently.

You can download this healing activated meditation below and follow the breathing pattern with the vibrations of Universal Sound.

You can also download our main activated meditation noted below.

Healthy Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet is important as it allows your body inside to maintain an optimum pH for a long and healthy life. Certain foods we eat can make acidic byproducts in your body after you eat and digest them and they have been shown to lead to a number of health problems. So eat  whole foods, mainly plants and drink water.


Physical exercise has been shown to strengthen your immune system making you less susceptible to diseases.  It makes you less stressed while you are exercising and produces endorphins, which are feel “good” chemicals. 

If you are the 10% who believe in a higher power and the importance of a deep connection, you will forward this message with the subject “For 10% who believe”  You are the 10% family we choose and for the rest, I appreciate you forever!

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