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Hey guess what? You’re probably stressed. It’s not like the last year has been easy on anyone. And it wasn’t easy before that, given everything that you had to deal with, from work to home to appointments to dreams. A lot of that had to be put on hold, and no one really knows when things are going to go back to what they were before.

 ….Of course, there are a lot of things you can do to take care of yourself. One thing that many more people could do, with little to no cost, but they don’t do? Meditate. Too many people don’t realize that the more they can calm and control their mind, the better their overall health would be. And there’s not just one type of meditation; there are lots of them. Ready to learn more? This graphic offers some good introductions to what the types are and what they hope to achieve.

Not Sure Which Type of Meditation Is for Yo

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