Learning Memory Palace Technique

The memory palace is a memorization technique that was first developed in ancient Greece. It’s about changing your memories into images placed in a familiar mental location. The idea is that you can mentally walk through your Palace looking at your memories to recall them.

5 Steps to Build and Use the Memory Palace

  1. Select Your Palace
  • You need to have a place in mind that you are familiar with. This technique works best if you can mentally see and walk around the area effortlessly.
  1. Identify Distinctive Features
  • Now you need to pay attention to specific features in the place you chose and these are considered to be the clues that will contain a single piece of information to help you jog your memory.
  1. Imprint Your Palace
    To achieve a great effect, you need to have both the place and the route 100% imprinted in your head. Here are some tips;
  • Physically walk through the route repeating out loud the distinctive features as you see them.
  • List the selected features on a piece of paper, number them from say 1-15 and mentally walk through them, it may be easier to move clockwise around.
  • When you’re done, go over it again. Overlearning is important on your way in your Memory Palace.
  1. Begin Association
  • The Memory Palace technique works with the use of visual associations. The process is simple, you take a known image and place it with an element you want to memorize.

    For example, say you would like to memorize a list of 15 items.
    Say the first item and think of the first place in your palace. Sometimes making the item larger than life or funny will help you remember. Then continue with the second item and second area in your palace. 
  1. Visit Your New Palace
  • This is the time to let yourself be in the palace. As you go along remember to continue repeating the items you have already associated.

Benefit of the Memory Palace Technique for the Brain

As we grow older, our ability to remember becomes weaker and that’s why some elderly people might struggle to recall routine information. Therefore, Memory Palace Technique is the best way to enhance the memory for any age, young or old, you will be amazed at the number of things you can remember in sequence.

Like your body, make a habit of developing your mind. 

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