7 Steps To Manifest Your Dreams Using The Law Of Attraction

What Is the Law of Attraction?
The very foundation starts with the idea that you attract all that happens to you, both positive and negative events and emotions.

Let’s say you are short of money, and suddenly you receive a check that you did not expect in the mail?

You attracted it!

Without even realizing it, you use the law of attraction every day of your life.
So be careful and don’t drop the phrases like “It only happens to others” or “I will never get there.” 

Have constructive positive towards yourself!

Now, how does it work? Here are seven easy steps that will allow you to apply the law of attraction easily and bring the right things into your life!

1. DESIRE: What is you truly want? Be specific!

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Be sure of yourself.
  • Concentrate on what you want, not what you wish for.
  • Be certain of yourself and your choice. 

2. VISUALISE: How will you feel the moment your desire becomes your reality?
Visualise the feeling that it’s already yours. The feeling of “not having” attracts more lack and the feeling of “Having” attracts more abundance.
By doing this the universe will acknowledge and accept your feelings and help to manifest your desire into reality.

It is crucial to write your desire in the present as if it had already happened. Begin your sentence with “I am..”, “I have..”, “I am grateful for..” etc
Visualize yourself in this situation every day.

To properly apply and obtain results from the law of attraction, you have to take action on your desired goal you want to manifest.
Once you have asked the universe what you want, create a clear step by step plan on how you can take action to manifest your goal.
By taking action you help to manifest your desired dreams and goals much more quickly.

5. GRATITUDE: Be grateful for what you already have!
Look around you and focus on what you already have. The more positive you are, the more positive events you will attract.

It’s time to let go and put your trust in the universe.
Do not be overwhelmed with doubt. And do not cloud your mind with negative thoughts and emotions.
trust that your manifestation is on it’s way! Look for the signs that it is coming and relax.

7. RECEIVE: Watch your desire transform into reality. Enjoy!
When you apply the law of attraction, you must be grateful for all that you get.
The law of attraction can provide you with anything you want in large quantities.
The sooner you understand that you are worthy to receive its gifts, the sooner the law of attraction will manifest in your life.

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