Science and benefits of Grounding the body to earth


Environmental factors that have a negative impact on human health are dealt with under the branch of environmental medicine. Recent research has shown a surprising amount of positive effect several environmental factors have on health, for example, contact with the electrons present on the surface of the earth.

The Earth’s negative potential is said to form a stable internal bioelectrical environment that promotes normal function for all body systems. According to new research losing our connection with the earth may be the cause for physiological dysfunction and unwellness in some cases. 

The ideal amount of time to be earthed is 24/7 but your modern lifestyle will get in the way of that so 30 mins daily will show internal changes but most importantly it will have a positive effect on the components of blood. (1),(2)

Earthing: The Process 

The earth’s surface has an unending supply of electrons free and mobile. This fact is widely known but understood by very few. The electrons that are free-flowing in the earth’s surface help in regulating diurnal body rhythms by setting the biological clocks.

Antioxidant molecules possess electrons that help in neutralizing reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are formed in the body due to immune and inflammatory responses. Direct physical contact with the earth’s surface encourages the absorption of free electrons which can neutralize ROS and decrease acute and chronic inflammation. 

If we look at our history we will see that humans used to be in permanent contact with the earth. They used to walk barefoot and sleep on the ground maintaining direct contact with the earth. This made the absorption of electrons in the body very easy. Through this process, every part of your body is in contact with the electric potential of the earth, hence the electrical environment of organs, tissues, and cells is stabilized. (1),(2)


Neutralization of free radicals

Inflammation, infection, cell damage, trauma, stress, and toxic environments can promote the production of free radicals. Your body does not have the resources to deal with the sudden uncontrolled increase in the number of free radicals. 

Free radicals, unstable charges, inflammation, and immune activation are responsible for some of our most threatening chronic conditions such as

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic pain syndromes
  • Autoimmunity.

Earthing is a simple solution to many of the destructive forces the human body goes through. When the electrons from the surface of the earth are absorbed into your body they neutralize the effects of the free radicals. (3)

Chronic Pain and Fatigue 

Research has shown that after the use of grounding mats for 4 consecutive weeks the participants reported a decrease in their levels of fatigue. (5)

An exercise recovery research showed that grounding also helps in lowering pain levels. (6)

Sleep and Stress

People who have used grounding therapy reported that it helped the length of their sleep cycle and reduced disturbances during sleep.

Grounding is also known to normalize cortisol, a stress hormone that reduces the stress response. 

Grounding, which encourages the absorption of negative electrons, is said to calm the nervous system from its flight or fight response to its calm and digest response. 

Stress and sleep play a vital part in decreasing pain levels and also reduce the risk of many conditions. 

A study showed that for patients suffering from chronic pain and sleep problems grounding therapy resulted in 74-100 % improvement. (3)


Studies have shown that grounding can improve mood and reduce depression. Even 1 hour of grounding can have a profound effect on improving your mood. (7)

Inflammation and Immunity 

Recent studies say that grounding therapy has the potential to prevent several diseases. As grounding normalizes cortisol, it is implied that grounding can also help with improving inflammation.

Injury, trauma, infection, or stress produced by inflammatory factors due to positively charged free radicals can also be combated with the absorption of negatively charged electrons from the surface of the earth. 

In the absence of free radicals the healing process speeds up and the immune response calms. 

In an environment where the body is low on negative electrons the risk for cancer, autoimmunity, infections, chronic pain conditions, and a general decline in health increases. (3)

Cardiovascular Diseases 

A treatment study showed that blood pressure levels in people suffering from hypertension were reduced at home by grounding therapy. (8)


The benefits listed above are just a few known benefits of grounding. Even without particular diseases in mind spending time in nature has been known to increase productivity and to give a healthy start to your day. 

Grounding improves the overall well being of an individual by helping maintain healthy sleeping patterns, reducing chronic pain, and significantly improving the quality of life.  

Yoga and meditation are stress-relieving exercises that are done best while breathing in clean air surrounded by fresh oxygen. 

Going for an early morning walk or just standing barefoot in nature for 30 mins every day has been known to have positive effects. It also gives your day a fresh start. 

The most simple way for grounding is walking barefoot on wet grass and it is cost-effective too as it costs absolutely nothing. 


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