Special Technique To Unblock Your Nose Instantly

Winter is here and so does the season of catching a cold. If you do get struck down with a cold, one of the most annoying symptoms is a blocked nose. 

Here is a simple technique that will help you clearing a blocked nose instantly that you can try.

1. Sit straight and upright. Let your body be in a relaxed position. 
2. Keep your mouth closed. And breathe in gently through the nostrils. However, if your nose is heavily blocked, breathe through pursed lips. 
3. Breathe out. Now, pinch your nostrils lightly using your forefinger and thumb. Hold your breath. Gently move your head left and right.
4. Hold it for as long as it is comfortable. Slowly resume breathing through your nose.


After this, begin 5 simple rounds of Humming.

Best Nose Unblocking Techniques by Mr Activated.

1. Close your mouth and touch the roof of your mouth with the tongue. Take a small breath through your nose.
2. Breathe out by saying ‘hmmmm’ and feel the vibrations


 Let us know in the comments section if it worked for you!

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