Understanding Electric And Magnetic Fields and how it impact our bodies

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting.

There are two types of EMF. One has the capacity to break chemical bonds and the other does not.

  • Ionizing
    high-level radiation which has the potential for cellular and DNA damage.
    * ultraviolet light
    * X-rays
  • Non-ionizing
    low-level radiation which is generally perceived as harmless to humans. However, we need to keep in mind that we don’t yet know enough (through studies) about the long term effects on human health with all of these low level radiation sources. So, reduce extended exposure in close proximity to the source.
    * Microwave ovens
    * Computers
    * House energy meters
    * Wireless (Wi-Fi) routers
    * Cellphones
    * Bluetooth devices
    * Power lines
    * MRIs

6 ways EMF radiation can impact our bodies:

  1. Nervous system and brain – There are a large number of   neurological effects including sleep insomnia, fatigue, headache, depression, lack of concentration, dizziness, restlessness and irritability.
  2. Endocrine/hormonal systems – The steroid hormone levels drop with EMF exposure, whereas other hormone levels increase with initial exposure. The neuroendocrine hormones and insulin levels often drop with prolonged EMF exposure.
  3. Oxidative stress and free radical damage – Oxidative stress and free radical damage are causes of a number of chronic diseases.
  4. Cellular DNA attacks –  Damage and attack to DNA are cancer causing and produce a large number of DNA mutational that can attack future generations.
  5. Apoptosis (programmed cell death) – EMF exposure can cause both neurodegenerative diseases and infertility by causing cells to die.
  6. Cancer – EMF radiation’s effect on the cell can cause cancer. Brain cancer, salivary cancer, acoustic neuromas and two other types of cancer go up with cell phone use. People living near cell phone towers have increased cancer rates.


  1. Get rid of your microwave
    It is easy to get rid of this typical kitchen device, and use more healthy ways not only for your food’s nutrition, but for your personal and family’s health. 
  1. Power down at night.
    This helps to lower the exposure in your home environment and get a better night’s sleep. If you can also unplug your router or try and place it in a position not close to the bedrooms.
  1. Change your cell phone to airplane mode
    If you use your phone as an alarm clock it is best to put it in airplane mode,  so it is not being emitted all night long close to your brain.  
  1. Do not carry your phone on your body.
    Just think about it if your cell phone is in your pocket when you are not using it, it is sending radiation to your body constantly, especially to your private parts if you put it in your pants pocket.
  1. Talk on your wireless device using speakerphone
    It is best when talking to not be holding your phone up to your head, have it placed at least 3 feet away to decrease your exposure.
  1. Eat these spices and take a magnesium supplement 
    Spices rich in phenolics, including cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cloves, and rosemary helps protect as well as repair damage from EMF.  Optimizing your magnesium level may also help decrease damage from EMFs.
  1. Earthing
     Walking  outside on the grass barefoot as much as you can will allow you to be connected to the earth and pass the Earth’s electrons from the ground to your body. Grounding has many wonderful benefits for the body.

We cannot discard all our electrical devices, but we can take steps to reduce our exposure.

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