What Is Breathwork Training And What Are Health Benefits For Performing It Daily?

Although we seldom realize it, breathing is indeed a gift. Not only does it provide us with the much-needed oxygen to function, it does a lot more that we don’t even know, let alone appreciate.

You might have noticed the exquisite attention placed by yoga and meditation practitioners on breathing exercises. A lot of people use breathing exercises to calm down. How? Why is it that deep breathing exercises have such a tranquilizing effect on our nerves? How does breathwork training come into the picture? 

Whenever someone has a panic attack, they are often encouraged to breathe deeply. Why? And how can we incorporate the benefits of breathwork training in our everyday life? Let us elaborate more on this.

All About Breathwork Training 

Breathwork training is basically a collection of various breathing techniques, exercises, and programs. During the training, you are taught how to use these practices to reduce your stress while also gaining control over your emotions. Various types of breathwork training are available. Here are some of the techniques commonly used;

  • Holotropic Breathwork- this one has quite a therapeutic effect and enables you to cope with emotional upheavals. It is also excellent for your personal growth. This technique involves circular inhaling and exhaling without any pauses with dramatic music.
  • Pranayama:  This is ancient Indian technique about balancing and regulating vital energy through the manipulation of breath. Pranayama is made up of two words –“ Prana” and “ayama” which means breath and control or together control over the movement of breath.  There are many different types of pranayama breathing exercises. 
  • Rebirthing- we often suppress our fears and emotions, which makes us unstable and vulnerable. This technique helps us in working through these blocked feelings through rhythmic circular breathing 
  • Wim hoff Breathwork method:  With this method is about energizing the body with 30 quick deep breaths without any pauses, breath holding and then recovery.  There are plenty of science studies behind this method. 
  • Mr Activated Breathing Method: This is a special breathing technique for peak performance, mental clarity, healthy living and increasing your will power and energy.  The exhalation is interrupted three times and at different levels of the body for a short period of pause.  The pause at three different levels creates magic.. These interrupted pauses also teach us how to respond to difficult situations  by letting go in a controlled way with full conscious control without automatically reacting.  It helps increase our power of concentration, power  of mental control and power of responsiveness in different situations and environments, preparing our body and mind for peak performance

Using breathing exercises to calm down is quite common. These techniques are preferred because they are budget-friendly, convenient, and easy to learn. Some examples of deep breathing exercises include; 

  • Abdominal breathing 
  • Box breathing 
  • 4-7-8 count breathing 
  • Alternate nostril breathing 
  • Pursed lip breathing
  • Coherent breathing
  • Humming breathing

All these breathing techniques are a part of breathwork training. Practicing these daily ensures that no stress overpowers you. It makes you stronger and more capable of dealing with problems, both external and internal.

Purpose Of Breathwork Training 

We have already discussed how this training helps us in alleviating stress and dealing with emotional issues. However, this is not all. The techniques involved also have numerous other health benefits to offer.

While on the one hand, the training promotes self-development, it also gives your immunity a boost. Thus, while it makes you stronger mentally to overcome life challenges, it provides your body with strength to fight off diseases as well. 

The techniques enhance your focus and thus make it easier for you to develop skills. It unleashes your creative side and allows you to discover your untapped potential. Your confidence and self-esteem are significantly improved due to these practices.

The training is also a valuable ally in beating additions. It can help you in dealing with depression and chronic pain. People practicing breathing exercises can handle their anger issues better. The training is also highly beneficial for those battling post-traumatic stress disorder.

To sum it up, while it is excellent to learn breathing exercises to calm down, you can acquire numerous other benefits of breathwork training. It indeed sounds incredible that something as routine as breathing is so powerful.

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