Why is acidity not beneficial for our bodies

We all have the desire to live a long life, but at what cost? I read that we have extended our lives but the extra life we have is just a medical experiment. We are living 10-15 years more but not with positive, healthy years. I do not want that at all, l want to live a long and healthy life where the last years of my life are just as great as the first years of my life. Our lifestyle plays an important role in our overall health and well being.  We all know that doing exercise helps our bodies, but what we may not have considered is the pH  of our bodies. The foods we all eat whether we are aware of it or not affect the pH of or bodies. When we are young this may not seem important, however if our body is too acidic a variety of diseases manifest. Some diseases take longer than others to show their evel face, but virtually all types of diseases thrive in an acidic environment. These diseases include inflammation, kidney problems, heart disease, obesity, bladder problems, headaches and autoimmune disease just to mention a few.

Acidosis is the name of the actual condition where your body contains too much acid and your lungs and kidneys cannot keep the body’s pH in balance.

The pH of our body is actually the pH of our blood. The pH can have a range of 0-14, where 0 is strongly acidic, 7 neutral (water’s pH) and 14 being strongly alkaline or basic. Our blood is normally slightly basic, with a normal pH range of about 7.35 to 7.45. Low pH indicates too many hydrogen (H+) ions and high pH indicates too many hydroxyl (OH-) ions.

Acidic foodsBasic Foods
Dairy productsSpinach
Processed foodsApple cider vinegar
Refined sugarsSeaweed
BeerPumpkin seeds

So what we eat affects the pH of our body. If a food is acidic it causes more acidity to your body once you eat  and digest it. Most of these foods should be eaten in moderation, instead concentrating your diet mostly on basic foods. Most of our diet should include fresh food including fruits and vegetables and leafy greens. There are some citrus fruits like limes which are initially acidic but they promote alkalinity once metabolized.

We also need to consider the amount of water we are consuming a day. Water helps our body flush out all the toxins and maintains the balance of the fluids in our bodies. Water helps us with digestion, circulation, absorption, the movement of nutrients in our bodies as well as maintaining our body temperature and of course preventing dehydration. 

As you can see every system in our bodies is connected and we need to look after our bodies and minds. One way we can do this is by being consciously aware of what we are eating and drinking and their effects on our body internally.

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