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Breathing Techniques for Anxiety and Stress

Learn the Best Breathing Exercises for Anxiety and Stress from Mr. Activated

Every living organism on this Earth, big or small needs air – a breath of fresh air to continue living. Our breath is at the core of our life. Each breath infuses life into the vital organs of the body, including the human brain. The mind, which controls all our activities and movements, can be taught to control our breathing too – the impact is positivity and consciousness of our true being.

Today anxiety and stress of the daily grind are making people unhappy, sad, and depressed. More and more people are choosing to rely on breathing exercises for anxiety and breathing exercises to reduce stress to rejuvenate their senses and thought processes.

Breathing Techniques for Anxiety

Often when we feel bogged down or something is distressing us too much, we simply decide to leave everything, sit back and breathe in deeply. It is a reflex action but one that has a deeper meaning. When you breathe deep, you tend to reduce the tension that is being felt by your body or mind. Deep breathing is a highly recommended breathing exercise for stress. It is because when you breathe in deep, you tell your brain to relax; this message is then passed to your entire body; and slowly you will find that your body and mind, both calm down.


Deep breathing is not the only breathing technique for anxiety and stress. There are very many more; though it is one of the simplest and the best breathing exercises for anxiety.

Some of the other recommended breathing exercises to reduce anxiety include:


Belly breathing – in this form of breathing exercise for anxiety the idea is to control your breath with the up and down movement of your belly. 


Roll breathing – this is an advanced form of the belly breathing technique for anxiety. Here, you need to feel the movement of your hands, placed on your chest and belly, as you first fill your lungs with breath and then exhale out a breath.


There are many other breathing techniques for anxiety and stress and as you progress from one stage to another, you will be able to learn newer techniques and breathing exercises to reduce anxiety.


Deep breathing, belly breathing, and roll breathing put your focus on your breath – breathing exercises for anxiety impacts your entire body. As you practice and gain confidence, you will start to feel that with each controlled and focused breath, every corner of your body is feeling fresh and relaxed. Whenever and wherever you feel stressed or tensed, just sit down and if possible lie down, start with the breathing exercises to reduce anxiety.

Who should practice breathing exercises for stress?

Everyone – the more the people practice breathing techniques for anxiety and stress, the better it is for humanity and civilization. The kind of calmness and tranquillity one feels can become a major force for world peace. 


Breathing techniques for anxiety is best recommended for people who suffer from stress, tension, anxiety, and depression. Instead of taking pills, practicing this art with the best breathing exercise for anxiety can give you inner peace and help you find the way forward.

Take Help to Learn Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress

Mr. Activated teaches the right technique of meditation and breathing exercises for stress. He teaches the way to meditate by focusing on breathing to get optimized results. In his endeavour to make a difference in the lives of his clients, he has been advocating the use of the best breathing exercise for anxiety and stress.


His has been a journey of ups and downs – and he has come out of his adversities by relying on the meditation and breathing exercises to reduce stress, gain confidence, and develop a positive outlook towards life.

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