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Breathing Test

Breathing Test

How good is your breathing? Are you doing it right to get the most benefits of this super power?  Count your life in terms of the number of breaths you want to take rather than the number of years.  Breathing affects your overall health and performance. 

Breath can influence every single cell in your body and heal you.  Taking these breathing test to see where you are and how I can help you improve

1. Breath hold Test

Inhale and exhale gently and then hold your breath after exhaling. You can pinch your nose with fingers to avoid air coming in. Time the number of seconds you are able to hold the breath before experiencing extra discomfort or pain. This is not a challenge but a test of breath-holding capacity.  We want to prevent a big gasping for air after you are done. That means you have overdone it.

Here are what  results mean

  • 1-10 s – Patients who are ill with severe Asthma, breathlessness which is not a good health sign
  • 10-20 s – Most sick patients with numerous issue who are often on medication including asthma, breathlessness, chest infection, cold and much more
  • 20-40 s – Most people without serious health problems. Breathing is a lot calmer and less amount of infections, cold and breathlessness 
  • 40 sec plus  – good health (no chronic diseases) with very high energy levels, clarity of mind 

2. Breathing rate Test

In this test we are going to test how many breaths you take per minute. A complete breath is one inhale and one exhale maybe with a little pause at the end.  Measure the average of a few minutes to see what was average per minute.

Start the timer and go…



12 breaths per minute — normal

Ideally the less times you breathe per minute, the better it is. I recommend around 5-7 breaths per minute.  Most people in our society are overbreathing which has a severe effect on our health. 

Did you know breathing less or not overbreathing has been so effective in treating Asthma and other respiratory conditions. Breathing less maintains carbon dioxide levels at healthy levels. When people hyperventilate they are taking too much air in but still feeling the shortness of breath and air hunger. This can lead to more panic and stress. Try practising breathing in for 3 sec and exhaling for 6 sec.

3. Type of breathing Test

Are you a chest breather or belly breather? Let’s find out.

Put one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Relax completely and after a minute or so start paying attention to your breath and the movement of those hands. See which hand is moving… take a few slow deep breaths and notice again which hand is moving..

If the  hand on the chest is moving, you are a chest breather.

If the hand on the stomach is moving, then you are a belly breather .

Do you raise your collar bones?

 Do you raise your shoulders?

 Most chest breathers raise shoulders and collar bones.

Here are some benefits of breathing through the diaphragm.

4. Breathing Left or right brain Test

Breathing Left or right brain Test

Put your finger under each of the nostrils both right and left.  Which one has more air coming out.

If it’s left nostril then your right brain (creative) is active.

If it’s your right nostril then your left brain ( Analytic)  is active.

5. Extensive exhale test

Inhale deep and exhale slowly as long as you can. Note the time it took you to fully exhale.  Slower and longer exhales means higher carbon dioxide levels, which increases aerobic endurance. Training the body to breathe less actually increases vo2 max and helps us live healthier lives.

  • 1- 20 sec :  Poor co2 tolerance, less control and high stress sensitivity
  • 20-40 sec : Average co2 tolerance, average control and average sensitivity
  • 40-60 sec – Good –    Healthy system, good control and  above average co2 tolerance 
  • 60 sec + – Excellent- Healthy system.excellent control..Excellent co2 tolerance..Top aerobic endurance. 

Always remember a higher Co2 tolerance will equate to a more regulated breathing pattern while under duress

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