Super power of breathing

Breathing, apparently, a simple process inhaling and exhaling oxygen, when performed effectively, can have a substantial impact on the physiology of the body. Our breath is magical and most people don’t understand the super power of breathing. One can live for two months without food, two weeks without water but only a few minutes without air. We breathe roughly 20,000 times a day and if done correctly we can influence every part of our life from energy to healing.

The rate and depth of our breathing changes depending on our mental state. When we are excited the breath becomes quicker and when we are calm, the breath becomes slower and Quieter.

Today many of us are suffering from over-activation of our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) due to the lifestyle, stress , stimulants and poor breathing habits. Our breathing patterns are intimately linked to our thoughts and emotions. Shallow breathing generates anxiety; slow deep breathing induces calm. The way you breathe is the way we live. Breath is an indicator of the level of physical and emotional wellbeing. When we breathe consciously , we bring awareness, develop concentration ,improve health and vitality.


Breath is the main bridge between body and mind

Connect to your breath – the eternal process of taking life in and giving life back. Every moment you are filled with new life, your breath is circulating through your body. We have so much suppressed emotional energy, this is the time to let it out and free yourself from all the extra baggage you have been carrying. With every breath you can go deeper and deeper to start the releasing process. 


Heal the breath and heal the body and the mind

There is amazing science behind breathing and how we can  influence our PH levels, increase red blood cells and really change our physiology for good. I’ll share with you an amazing technique to change your life. Every morning after you wake up..take a few deep breaths..each deep breath is smooth and effortless. Please repeat these words

“I breathe in peace, harmony and calmness. I breathe out stress and tension.“

Everything has a natural rhythm. The hormones in the body follow our natural rhythm. When everything is in tune, your body functions at it’s very best. 


Poor breathing disturbs the rhythm of the body

Newborn babies breathe with their abdomen where we notice natural, rhythmic and deep breaths as the belly expands and contracts where the lower part of the lungs get more oxygen. As they get old, they start to breathe through their chest…

Quality of your breath is quality of your life Most people are overbreathing , breathing through their mouth. Breathing needs to be deep, effortless, slow and long. 

Poor quality of breathing is underlying cause of tiredness, muscle cramps, chest pains, tensions and headaches. The  breath refreshes you, washing away any physical discomfort, detaching you from stressful thoughts and feelings. Breath cleanses your toxins and brings you fresh new energy. Breathing influences every cell of our body, it affects our sleep, memory, concentration and energy levels.

Consciously , correcting our breath, we can influence our health and energy system. This power of breath can reduce stress , anxiety and depression that is causing health issues all over the globe.

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