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A Workbook for Improving Your Mental Health in the Time of Coronavirus

As Coronavirus spreads worldwide, mental health issues are spreading along with it. Although we are all experiencing this shared trauma, it is also important to note that different issues are more prevalent for different people.

For some of us, the lockdown may be a time for reflection, and for some it may be a time of extreme stress and hardship. Some of us may be experiencing extreme isolation, abuse, financial issues, or health scares, and some of us may not be. This doesn’t mean that any one experience is right or wrong, it is just important to acknowledge this variation. We are all dealing with this lockdown differently and experiencing varying amounts of stress and anxiety as well.

The purpose of creating this book was to help guide people through this hardship so that they can cope with their emotions and stress in a healthy way. Anxiety and stress are a part of life, but at times it can difficult to manage them on your own and that is where guided books like this can give you the tools to do that.

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