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Coronavirus Healing Meditation

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed our lives as we know it. Uncertainty, panic, fear,  anxiety and stress are overwhelming all of us. This stress is putting us in survival mode and really bringing down our immune system and also increasing inflammation in our bodies.  This in turn makes us more vulnerable and susceptible to things that may harm us. We need to move from the automatic survival mode to rest and digest mode.

Due to this stress and other negative feelings we may have such as anxiety, our breathing becomes shallow. This prevents us from taking insufficient amounts of oxygen and taking out sufficient carbon dioxide.  This can lead to a toxic build-up in the body and can continue to build until our internal pH becomes acidic. This is a cause of inflammation in our bodies and can be the catalyst to other harmful things in our bodies.

Deep abdominal breathing practice is the main part of this meditation which can help reduce inflammation, reduce stress and recharge our immune system. This meditation can increase the production of happiness hormones like serotonin and dopamine. These hormones are alkaline by nature, helping to neutralize some of the stress-related acids in your body. Breathing exercises can help promote healing on a cellular level.

Due to panic, fear, stress, tension, inadequate breathing habits, our lifestyle or depression, we are shattering our natural defence system of the body. Our thoughts, sentiments, emotions, feelings etc all create physiological changes in the body.  Our body has special cells to self heal and defend itself but it needs the right baseline energy to fight against any diseases and help the body heal itself. Due to the imbalances internally, we are left with less baseline energy to protect us from any external attack.

We need to respond to difficult situations with clarity and love. Preparing our body and mind to perform in its most optimum state, which will allow our body to fight from the inside out.

As you perform this meditation, feel the negative thoughts and feelings being purified and cleansed, as the positive energy takes over circulating throughout your body, transforming you, healing you.

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