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How to Cure Depression

How to Cure Depression?

Depression does not need any introduction. It is universal and omnipresent; with more and more people reporting sadness and depression more often now, than ever before. While conventional medication offers help, the area of alternate approach – meditation or breathing exercises can drive effective depression management.

How to Cure Depression? Follow These Tips:

  1. Accept it – Understand that depression is common and there are hundreds of people who are affected by depression around the globe. Hence, there is nothing abnormal about you – it is part of life and it is quite natural to be depressed when things do not go your way. The point is not to let depression become the master of your mind.
  1. Indulge in an activity that you enjoy – one of the best ways to divert the mind is to keep it busy with something that you love to do. Singing, dancing, watching movies, writing, hiking, adventure activities – the list is long – the objective is to keep you busy so that the mind does not have the time to get negative thoughts.
  1. Mediate – the power of meditation has not yet been completely understood by man. When you meditate you focus on one particular thing – you do it in a place that is serene and peaceful. This way the brain gets focused on one thing; helping it divert from negative thoughts and ideas. With meditation, you take over control to guide your brain to think upbeat thoughts and not give in to negativities.
  1. Deep Breathing – Breathing exercises are an extension of meditation. When you focus on your breath, you make progressive efforts to move ahead in life – tell the brain to calm down, distress, and remove pessimistic thoughts.
  1. Practice gratitude and help others – the question, ‘how to cure depression’ will stop bothering you when you start looking at people and things and feel happy about their presence in your lives. The moment you start to be grateful, your depressing thoughts will start to vanish. It will take time – but, eventually, it will happen. You know the right way to show gratitude is to help others – those who are less fortunate than you – aid them to overcome their shortcomings and negativities. Social causes and volunteering work can become a great source of banishing depressive thoughts from the mind.

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