Little Isabella and Jar of Golden Beads

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Little Isabella and Jar of Golden Beads

This is a story about a little girl called Isabella who had no siblings and was lonely at times. She had problems sleeping at night and she would have nightmares. Then one day, through the window she saw a little girl and her parents with sparkling golden beads around their necks. In a hurry one day while cleaning the attic she knocked over a jar and it fell breaking into pieces. When she looked down she noticed golden beads that resembled the beads of the girl next door. Her dad told her it was a special necklace with 109 beads, and it is used to practice mindfulness. For the first time she was introduced to the concept of mindfulness

Finally, she got the courage and went outside where she found the new girl but kids weren’t playing outside like she thought when she saw them outside her window. Instead they were all sitting on purple matt practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques. Jenny the new girl told her we are kids, but sometimes we are afraid, restless, sad or sometimes people do things to hurt us and by practicing mindfulness and breathing it can help with sleeping problems, fears, anxieties and sadness

Isabella learned 3 different breathing techniques and use the beads for breathing and positive thinking. Isabella and Jenny became good friends in the end and Isabella slept great during the night after practicing breathing in her bed

From that day onwards, Isabella never felt afraid or sad. Whenever bad feelings came, she would find a quiet place to practice mindfulness with her breathing and special beads.

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