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Activated Meditation Techniques

Start to make changes at a cellular level through Activated Meditation

Raise your Vibrations


Cultivate Curiosity


Tap into your Intuition


Start Manifesting


Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. Daily meditation practices will help transform you from living in survival mode to being in a state of peace and happiness. 

Meditation has many physical, mental, and emotional health benefits, some of which are due to the release of endorphins.

Performing meditation on a regular basis will benefit you by increasing clarity, energy, productivity, focus, peace, and happiness in your life. Meditation is a powerful tool for raising your vibrations, cultivating curiosity, helping you tap into your intuition, and for manifesting the life you desire. 

Many people live in a high-stress environment full of stress and anxiety, especially athletes, professionals, and entrepreneurs.  Meditation can help bring the stress level down which can improve recovery time, sleep patterns, focus, endurance and ability to remain calm in high-pressure situations.  When we can train ourselves to watch thoughts and experiences come and go without overthinking or getting attached, we put our attention to our performance and that’s where our energy flows. 

Activated meditation is about celebration of life. Your existence is a miracle, YOU are a miracle. We need to celebrate this gift of life and enjoy each moment with love, gratitude, and humility.  The celebration is the natural state we are born to be- curious, playful, and present as we can see in small children. This meditation is about regaining that playfulness.

In today’s society, many of us are always postponing the celebration but our present moment requires celebration. Our emotions, work, priorities, responsibilities and aspirations can all become part of our celebration.  You don’t have to be always happy to celebrate but even with difficult emotions, you can celebrate being alive!

Live life to the fullest and not hold back, be present at the moment as the past is gone, the future is unknown, and now is your wow!  Be awakened, make the most of what you have, and feel the gratitude for this existence.

When every single cell in our body is energized, the true magic happens and we feel the deep connection between our body and our mind that allows us to transcend.


Our Mission is to help everyone activate their inner powers to reduce stress, free our mind, promote healing and increase vitality

The results of this daily meditation will keep you motivated to continue on your Activated Journey. Daily Practise will help transform you from survival mode to being in a state of bliss.   This practice is for people of all backgrounds, genders, religions and different health statuses within limits. For people with any prescribed medications or conditions, please consult with your medical providers before commencing.

As humans, we all have equal rights to enjoy inner peace and connect with our inner powers. The inner peace and calmness brought by this mediation shift our vibration to a higher frequency, inviting positive experiences and success to our life. “

5 phases of Activated Meditation

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing








1. Deep Breathing:

Deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to start meditating. Deep breathing is really helpful in relaxing your body and mind. Focusing on rhythmic breathing helps turn your mind inward and activates your parasympathetic nervous system.  Focus on breathing and performing deep breathing puts your body and mind into a meditative state.  

Everything in the Universe is energy and all energy exists at different levels of vibration and frequency, Our primary connection to our life force is through breathing. With this high vibrational energy force, we can connect to our higher state of consciousness and we can create permanent healing on a cellular level. When we breathe more consciously we change the quality of our emotions and create heart coherence.

2. Focus:

The sounds of bowls being played (singing bowls) produce sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assists entering a deep state of meditation. Bowls can stimulate the immune system and produce beneficial changes in our brain waves. 

Listening to bells being rung usually causes an immediate centering effect. Sound bowls synchronize the brainwaves in both hemispheres, resulting in more focus, joy and calm.  Balanced brain waves provide access to the left and right hemispheres of the brain, stimulating our creativity. You can hold the breath intermittently to feel the pause which leads to a perfectly peaceful rest state and slows down the metabolism.

 Do not make any efforts to avoid or stop the thoughts that come into your mind at this stage.  Just notice them without judgment and simply come back to the breath. 

3. Awareness

Allow your senses to experience the present moment fully, by becoming aware of small things that we may ignore or miss altogether, like birds chirping, the temperature around us, and even our own breathing. When we let things be as they are, we naturally stay away from the impulses that would try to control or change things. This is not ignorance but it allows the opening of your mind and be aware before making a decision or taking any action.

Resistance is the cause of suffering as the mind is always fighting to make things different or problems just disappear etc. When we are open and in acceptance, we tend to be more curious and willing to embrace the unknown which allows our body to be at ease. With an open mind, we tend to see more possibilities and multiple perspectives. This awareness phase is about accepting things as they are without judgment.

Do not make any efforts to avoid or stop the thoughts that come into your mind at this stage.  Just notice them without judgment and simply come back to the breath. With acceptance and non judgment, you have the power to redirect your attention and energy away from painful thoughts for example to something more cheerful and positive.  Notice that awareness doesn’t solve the outer problem. It just changes your reaction to it. Rather than always fighting the imperfections, just let it be!

When we practice this awareness phase, rather than focus on one particular thing, the light of our awareness is in all directions around us.

4. Relaxation

Connect with your higher-self, universe, and tap into your intuition. Let the mind be free and relax the body effortlessly by focusing deeply inwards!

5. Vibrations

Chanting AUM creates a perfect state of equilibrium in your brain which leads to a perfect balance of creativity and logical thinking. A synchronized brain leads to increased happiness, clarity, focus, and reduced level of stress. . The verbal stimulation and the vibrational component of the chant leads to activation of the brain. This chanting also  produces more T cells (Chief cells of the immune system)

You can create positive vibrations through the universal sound of AUM. It vibrates at the same vibrational frequency found in all things throughout nature. Start with taking a deep breath ..release by creating different vibrations at different parts of your body.  

AUM is made up of 3 syllables A-U-M….  The first syllable aaaahhhhh you will experience  the vibration around your navel and abdominal area

The second syllable ooooohhh you feel vibration around the heart & throat and the last syllable mmmmmmm you will experience the vibration in your brain.  For the last mmmmmm chant please touch the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth.

Benefits of Activated Meditation

  • Increases Productivity with better focus and attention:   This meditation benefits our mind in many ways and as we can focus much better on what is necessary and remove distraction our productivity is increased. This increased attention
  • Increases Clarity and Focus  Brain functions are shown to be enhanced through this meditation which allows for focused decision making and clarity of thoughts.
  • Increases Vitality  This meditation enables you to focus on your whole being. It allows for an increase in energy and wellbeing at a cellular level.
  • Improves Sleep  This meditation quiets the mind, as it slows down your heart rate, your stress hormones and blood pressure are also decreased which all allow you to sleep better.
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety  This technique helps you control stress, decrease anxiety and improve cardiovascular health by producing a deep state of relaxation and also changing certain brain regions that are attached to stress. It allows our mind to become more capable of not becoming attached to your thoughts and acting on them!
  • Increases Calmness  As you go into deep focus you create a sense of calm within as your thoughts are not jumbled.
  • Increases libido  Stress increases cortisol and adrenaline levels, and these increased levels of cortisol and adrenaline decrease which reduces libido. Meditation balances these levels and puts you in state of play
  • Increases body Alkalinity  As deep breathing is one of the phases for this mediation, this type of breathing increases the body’s alkalinity, reduces inflammation and cleanses the body of toxins.
  • Enhances self awareness  Self-awareness is defined as the ability for introspection (observe one’s own emotions and mental processes) and recognize oneself as an individual. As you need to be calm, quiet and with a clear mind, performing daily meditations allows you to achieve this
  • Pain management:  This meditation allows one to focus on oneself from within, to feel the sensations in each area of the body without judgment and as an observer without always wanting to change things.
  • Improves emotional wellbeing:  Improves our ability to regulate emotional much effectively by clearing the mind and lifting the mood. 
  • Improves learning and memory:  It increases grey matter density in the areas of the brain associated with learning and memory
  • Helps with disease control and immunity: It helps in reducing the heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels which helps with an overall increase in immunity. It can help prevent asthma, arthritis, Alzheimer’s , fibromyalgia, HIV, and much more diseases 
  • Slows down aging: The stress hormone, cortisol, reduces the activity of telomerase, an enzyme that is related to the aging process. However, Constant meditation reduces cortisol levels, triggers the relaxation response, and ultimately slows aging.

Learning how to perform Activated Meditation

Please sit comfortably with your back straight in an upright position or lie down if that feels more comfortable and close your eyes. Look underneath for a sitting diagram of different seating positions. Take a deep breath and let go of any tension. There are a few things to keep in mind before commencing-

  • Find a calm environment where you won’t get disturbed for the full duration.
  • Don’t perform with a full stomach, we advise no meals 2 hours before meditation.
  • Never force or strain your breath. Strive for steady, rhythmic breathing that flows easily.
  • If deep breathing causes dizziness or lightheadedness, slow down your breath or return to normal breathing.

**After the meditation is finished, sit silently and rest for a few minutes in awareness.  You want to come out of the meditation calmly to experience the maximum benefits.

Activated meditation seating positions
Phase 1: Deep Breathing

As you slowly and intentionally breathe, your stomach and rib cage should expand and then contract as your diaphragm forces air into and out of your lungs, this is diaphragmatic breathing. Refer to the belly breathing diagram above for more information on the right way to breathe.There are different “types” of breathing patterns as noted below. You need to try  these alternate breathing patterns and see what puts you in the zone.

When air is flowing out, a wave of relaxation is flowing in. While breathing in, focus on breathing Universal Energy with a feeling of gratitude. With each breath, fill your body with a bright white light that keeps growing inside you, establishing a deeper connection. Connect with your higher-self and tap into your intuition.

2:4 – Breathe in for 2 sec (nose)  and breathe out for 4 seconds (mouth).

4:8 – Breathe in for 4 sec (nose)  and breathe out for 8 seconds (mouth).

or try if this sequence works better:

4:7:8:10 – Breathe in 4 sec (nose) – hold the breath for 7 sec while looking upwards – breathe out 8 sec ( nose or mouth- fully exhale) – hold the breath for 10 sec

or this one:

4:12:8:16 – Breathe in 4 sec (nose) – hold the breath for 12 sec while looking upwards – breathe out 8 sec ( nose or mouth- fully exhale) – hold the breath for 16 sec.

Phase 2: Focus

Focus your attention on the sound of the bowls, bells, chimes, and flutes. Notice the change in tones/pitch.   Become one with your own natural being, space and stillness without any effort to focus on the sound. Breathe normally while focusing on this phase. You can hold the breath intermittently to feel the pause which leads to a perfectly peaceful rest state and slows down the metabolism.


If you are doing the quiet one without sound, please focus on your breathing, the inhale and exhale. Do not make any efforts to avoid or stop the thoughts that come into your mind at this stage.  Just notice them without judgment and simply come back to the breath. You can hold the breath intermittently to feel the pause which leads to a perfectly peaceful rest state and slows down the metabolism.

Phase 3: Awareness

Start with one deep breath, observing the rising and falling sensation of it.

See how the body feels right now in terms of heaviness or lightness. We are going to start the awareness phase with a simple body scan to bring recognition to any discomfort in the body and in turn release it.  Start from the top of your head  and gently scan  down through your full  body slowly noticing different sensations, bringing awareness to different parts of the body, and energizing those parts with positive energy

Here is an example of a simple sequence:

  • Moving awareness to head, forehead, and face: breathing in positive energy & relax
  • Moving awareness to neck and throat: breathing in positive energy & relax
  • Moving awareness to shoulders and arms: breathing in positive energy & relax
  • Moving awareness to chest and heart: breathing in positive energy & relax
  • Moving awareness to abdomen and back: breathing in positive energy & relax
  • Moving awareness to pelvis area and hips: breathing in positive energy & relax
  • Moving awareness to upper legs and thighs: breathing in positive energy & relax
  • Moving awareness to lower legs and feet: breathing in positive energy & relax
  • Now bring your attention to your body as a whole, feeling completely relaxed, but fully present as you continue to breathe in & out.

Your awareness will slowly and in time glow brighter and brighter in all directions with this mind and body connection.

Phase 4: Relaxation

Inhale through your nose and exhale slowly with pursed lips for as long as you can without forcing air out. As you slowly, effortlessly,  and consciously  breathe, your body relaxes with each breath. 

Stay in awareness of your breath and let the wave of relaxation flow through your body

As you breathe in, feel the sensation of breathing the universal white light effortlessly visualizing building a square of bright light inside you, which is your place of happiness, love, freedom. This square keeps growing bigger and bigger with each cycle of breathing  and in turn, makes your whole body glow.

Phase 5: Vibrations

Start with inhaling to the count of 4 ( in 2 3 4) ..release 10 seconds for every three parts of AUM creating vibrations at different parts of your body.  Ahhhhh (naval area)   oohh (heart area) and Mmmmm (brain area )

Activated Meditations

Guided Adult Activated Meditation
Non-Guided Adult Activated Mediation
Guided Youth Activated Meditation
Non-Guided Youth Activated Meditation
No Music Only Phases

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