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Mindfulness Exercises for Anxiety

Mindfulness Exercises for Anxiety - Quick Stress & Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety can be challenging because, besides mental trauma, it impacts your physical health too. The concept of going to a doctor is the last thought on the mind – as a result, most people keep fighting the battle with the demons in their minds without taking any kind of professional help.

However, medication is not the only solution to anxiety pangs. There is this ancient practice of meditation and breathing exercises that have been researched by scientists and doctors and have been found to be extremely helpful in controlling anxieties in the human mind.

Mindfulness exercises for anxiety are what it is termed as. Mindfulness is doing your daily tasks mindfully or paying attention to it. The best thing about these exercises is that these can be done anywhere, anytime, and these are quite simple to execute. You need to speak to a professional practitioner but that is only till the time you do not learn the techniques thoroughly.

Here are a few mindfulness exercises for anxiety:

  1. Meditation – practice the art of guided meditation. What is it? With soothing and soul-stirring music in the background, you simply need to learn the art of focusing to bring your mind on the track. An anxious mind drifts from one thought to another in rapid succession. By meditating, you bring your thought process to one platform. Your mind is calmer and composed to decide which thoughts to eliminate from the mind and which to keep.
  2. Walking – if nothing else seems to pacify your troubled mind, leave everything that you are doing, and go out for a walk. It is one of the easiest mindfulness exercises for anxiety. Go alone, listen to music, or take along your aged parents with you – the objective is to not let the mind wander desperately from one thought to another by diverting it.
  3. Volunteer to help others – there is great joy when you know that small deeds from your end can make someone happy and smile. The feeling of satisfaction is enough to drive off anxious thoughts from your mind.
  4. Breathing exercises – if you are too disturbed, seek a professional mentor like Mr. Activated to learn breathing exercises. These are quite simple and do not need any tools or equipment. Since breath control is an effective way to help the mind focus on a particular aspect, with simple exercises like deep breathing or advanced forms like roll breathing, you can look at taming your mind better.

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