Hacking Optimum State of Mind

Have you ever experienced those moments when you are deeply focused and enjoying an activity where time flies  and you are completely absorbed? This is known as the “flow state” where your brain is working in an optimum state. Your actions and awareness merge where you perform the best.   Your thoughts become your reality. Your inner voice is always with you and we need to know how to use it to obtain an ideal state of mind.

Learn and practice the following:

  • How to transform your life for lasting peace and happiness
  • Mindfulness techniques to strengthen awareness and attention
  • Mini meditations to strengthen your focus muscle
  • How to create recovery rituals for your brain
  • How to tap into the power of your mind to optimize your emotional and physical health
  • Discover triggers that lead to flow state
  • How to manage distraction and remove them
  • Habits that help to put our mind in the optimum state
  • Learning about special breathing to influence different states of mind

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