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Special Technique to activate Inner Fire through Tummo Meditation


Tummo meditation is an ancient meditation technique practiced by buddhist monks. Tummo meditation is a combination of breathing and visualization techniques, used to enter a deep state of meditation. which is used to increase a person’s ‘inner heat’. This inner heat allows one to control one’s body temperature, for example keeping the body warm in cold environments. It has been noted that the monks are able to generate so much heat from their bodies that the wet towels placed on their bodies dried after performing the tummo meditation.


Translated from Tibetan “Tummo” means “light heat” or “inner heat”. This is a technique where we consciously reduce oxygen levels  in the blood by breath holding, combined with muscle contractions. Tummo meditation works best when the body and mind are in sync.  The body part of this tummo meditation involves  rigorous breathing known as vase breathing. The mind section involves mental visualizations. The vase breathing involves muscle contraction under tension  while breath holding. This breathing creates the heat and visualizations allow the person to control their body temperature. This ability to control the body temperature is what is different from other forms of meditation.


Benefits of Tummo Meditation

Immediate heating and detoxifying sensation of this practice has plenty of benefits that make it worthwhile to explore. A few of the many benefits of this meditation style include:

  • Improved concentration
    It helps ignore distractions as the increased ability to focus is crucial in achieving success in life, whatever you decide to do .
  • Higher confidence
    Tummo is said to help people develop self-confidence and overcome shyness. 
  • Improved physical health
    Inner Fire Meditation helps people to be more energetic and active in their lives. 
  • Better mental state
    Monks are seen to be more content, happy, and balanced than most of us. This is because meditation helps people to find joy in life, stay sharp, and gain higher wisdom.
  • Increased memory
    Once you start to practice this meditation you  improve your ability to memorize and recall information.
  • Control over body temperature
    Tummo meditation allows people to raise or lower the temperature of some parts of their body at will.


How  To Perform The Tummo Meditation

Tummo Meditation can be performed by following the steps below.

  1. Begin by finding a comfortable and quiet place to sit keeping your back upright.
  2. Close your eyes and begin to relax your mind and remove any thoughts coming to you. This will take practise because the first few times you sit in peace thoughts will race through your mind. 
  3. Once your mind is clear or mostly clear, close your eyes. Start the visualization process. Keep your focus on the breath as it inhales and exhales. 
  4.  Contract  your abdominal and pelvic muscles while imagining a red hot ball near your navel (or belly button) area after each exhale.
  5. Think about a hot lamp that has been kept right in the middle making the ball hotter and all its heat is getting discharged. Visualize the heat of the ball growing and spreading.
  6. Take a big inhale through your nose to get more oxygen to increase the fire of the lamp making the ball even hotter. Now gently swallow and push your diaphragm down to keep the air energy in place. To increase the heat of the ball, lightly contract the internal muscles of your pelvic floor. 
  7. Hold your breath for as long as you can while contracting your abdomen and pelvic floor muscles while imaging the heat is growing and spreading.
  8. Slowly exhale relaxing your muscle and still spreading the heat all over the body through the flame of the ball which is getting bigger. Visualize as you exhale the flame spreading and growing.
  9. Keep breathing  and repeat steps 4-8 another 6 times and see how your body starts to heat up and bring clarity and internal control.

By channeling your ‘inner fire,’ you unlock your physical potential and benefit greatly from the wonders of this meditation style.

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