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Our bodies are a wonderful machine that works every second of every day, and it needs 3 things-  food, water and oxygen. Oxygen levels in our body affects our metabolic rate. When we over-breathe (breathing more than necessary that creates ph imbalance)  or do shallow breathing, both can affect the oxygen level in our body.… [Read More][Read More]
During the recent years, research regarding exposure to cold and its effects on human health has been a topic of interest. From cold showers to specific cryotherapy chambers, it is becoming quite a trend among health conscious people and rightly so since it is linked to a number of health benefits. Some notable people including famous celebrities, athletes and body builders regularly take cryotherapy sessions and swear by its benefits… [Read More]
WOW, who would have thought that we would be sheltering in place, our children learning virtually and keeping our social distance while go to the store and walking around our neighborhood! Everything has changed and l feel the way we do things going forward will also change. Apart from all the negatives, I think we should take time to rediscover true gratitude, love and why we are here on this earth. Below are some points we should all consider during these hard times… [Read More]