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World Activation day 2020, 25th of October

Activate your inner wellness to recharge and give your best self to the world

All of us know how important it is to recharge our human battery and reconnect with ourselves. However,  most people are still unable to do it uninterruptedly. 

World Activation Day is an unofficial holiday that encourages people to recharge, rejuvenate and reconnect to bring the best of you to the world. A day to let the mind be free to express itself with no strings attached and be self-reliant. Go and dance on the top of a mountain, paint a beautiful picture, or jump up and down in the park. There is no limitation on how to creatively recharge!

These days most people seem to have a busy lifestyle and are always in consuming mode through our devices and social media.  The mind is always wandering and hard to find uninterrupted time for yourself which is leading to burnouts and severe mental health issues. . This is why raising awareness through World Activation Day can really show people the importance of recharging and how even small changes to our lifestyle can have a positive impact on our life.

It’s a chance to awaken your inner child and learn to be free.


The idea behind “World Activation Day” is that you take one day for yourself to focus on yourself without any interruptions. It’s an excellent chance to step away from your daily autopilot activities. We as humans tend to bottle up emotions in different ways and true freedom comes with awareness, self-expression and self-reliance.

Quantity doesn’t defeat quality, World Activation Day raises awareness about the importance of giving yourself time to recharge so you get more productive time to focus on other things.

When we recharge we are more creative, focused and healthy. We are able to get things done faster and take advantage of what life has to offer. 

The day is all about you so take full advantage 🙂 


How to celebrate

  • Be purposeful so that you can make conscious choices

-Try new things…let the creativity come out fully….painting, sculpting, kayaking, dancing ..whatever comes to mind that you wanted to try but never did

-Why not also try, doing nothing! We are doing something all the time, doing nothing can really change the vibes, just relax and see what happens.

Mr Activated personal story that led to activation?

World Activation Day

I was sucked into a robotic unconscious living lifestyle with no sense of fulfillment which was causing dissatisfaction, anger, stress, anxiety, and emptiness for an extended period. I just felt drained out and was never able to pay full attention to anything. It was like being in many places at one time but never being able to be fully present.  In today’s world, people’s minds are always racing and full of mental chatter. The chatter of past events and future worries fills our mind making us not think clearly. I was holding way too many emotions and just never gave myself time to freely express and recharge. Then, l learned how important it was to take time for myself. I realized the importance of bringing the best of me to the world, not what’s left of me and this in my world is being Activated!

Now, through World Activation Day, you can get Activated and bring the best of you to the world and raise awareness to allow others to get Activated

So why not give it a try and see what it brings you? 


How to get involved

Send a video, photo, or a paragraph introducing yourself and how you like to get Activated on the world Activation day. Please email to info@mractivated.com

Share your experience online with hashtag #worldactivationday and tag @mractivated on social media

If you are an influencer, community leader, business leader and professional, please empower others to take part and be aligned with what matters the most!

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